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Designing Beautiful and Effective Interfaces for Web and Mobile

As a UI and Web designer with over 15 years of experience, I have a strong understanding of what it takes to create visually appealing and easy-to-use interfaces for websites and applications. I have a passion for design and I'm always looking for ways to improve the user experience through intuitive layout, appealing graphics, and responsive design.


UX/UI Design

  • Conducting activities such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing to understand the needs, goals, and behaviors of the target audience.
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Creating a cohesive and visually appealing design that aligns with the brand and meets the needs of the user.
  • Evaluating the product with real users to identify areas for improvement and ensure it is easy and enjoyable to use.

Web Development

  • Creating a visually appealing and functional website that meets the needs and goals of the client.
  • Developing and implementing a system for creating, editing, and publishing website content (WordPress).
  • Writing code that runs on the server and powers the backend of a website or application.
  • Setting up and maintaining databases to store and retrieve data for the website or application.
  • Providing ongoing support and updates to ensure the website or application remains secure and up to date.


  • Creating a custom WordPress website that meets the needs and goals of the client.
  • Customizing the appearance and functionality of an existing WordPress theme.
  • Moving a website from another platform to WordPress.
  • Optimizing a WordPress website for search engines to improve its visibility and ranking.


  • Creating a cohesive visual identity, including logo, color palette, typography, and design elements.
  • Reviewing and analyzing a company’s current branding to identify areas for improvement and alignment with business goals.
  • Developing a document that defines the guidelines for consistently using the brand’s visual identity across all touchpoints.

Brand Strategy

  • Understanding the target audience and the competitive landscape to inform brand positioning and messaging..
  • Defining the unique value proposition and positioning of the brand within the market.
  • Developing clear and compelling messaging that resonates with the target audience and aligns with the brand’s purpose and values.
  • Creating a visual identity and style guide that reflects the brand’s personality and differentiates it from competitors.


  • Commercial photography: This includes taking photographs for use in advertising and marketing materials, such as product shots or images for use on a company website.
  • Landscape photography: This includes taking photographs of outdoor scenes, such as mountains, forests, and beaches.
  • Fine art photography: This includes creating artistic photographs that may be exhibited in galleries or sold as prints.

In my career, I have worked with some of the biggest brands, but also with small one